Monday, March 5, 2012

Kindergarten Lesson Plan- Will It Sink or Float?

DESCRIPTION: this lesson is desgined for the kindergarten classroom. The students will explore numerous objects to see if they will sink or float. They will make preditctions before they test each object and also predictions for the sink the boat activity. Read more about this lesson and begin exploring exploring in your classroom or at home!



Investigation Box Materials
Styrofoam circle 
Bar of soap
 Bouncy ball
  Container lid
 3 wooden bowls/ boats
Glass stones (small and large)
Large plastic bow
  Note cards  

   Investigation Suggestion
  • Make predictions whether or not the objects will float or sink. Place the pictures on the predictions graphic organizer. Put the objects you think will float on the top of the water line and the ones that you think will sink below the water. 
  • Experiment with all the objects by placing them in the water.
  • ·  Record what you found out on the white board. You can use tally marks or white out the word under the correct column.
  • ·  Place the wooden boats in the water container. See how many large glass stones it takes to sink the boat. Then use the small stones and compare which one needed more or less to sink the boat.  
  •    Ask yourself what you think makes the objects either sink or float.  You can write your responses on the note cards provided. 

Annotated Book List
  • Floating and sinking by Sue Barraclough
  • Who Sank the Boat by Pamela Alla
  •  The Magic School Bus: Ups and Downs by Joanna Cole and Jane B. Maso
  • Sink or Float by Lisa Trumbauer
  • Floating and Sinking by Ellan Sturn Niz
  • Is It Floating? by Wright Group

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